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SensiBlend: The Latest Advance in Liquid Blending Technology

SensiBlend patented technology is the latest advance in in-line liquid blending. With a 15 year track record in the pharmaceutical industry, this blending innovation is now being made available to manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

In addition to traditional volumetric measurements, the SensiBlend patented in-process multi-sensor recirculation loop provides a chemical analysis, in-process, to control, correct, and confirm ingredient proportioning and product specifications on a millisecond basis during production.

By incorporating FDA recommended Process Analytical Technology (PAT), SensiBlend places the QC lab inside the blending equipment, correcting production errors in real-time. Users program the SensiBlend system with a detailed chemical analysis of what constitutes a golden batch, and SensiBlend ensures these set points are met before product is released.

SensiBlend Benefits Include

  • Most accurate and reproducible blending of multiple ingredients, no matter the complexity or variability in feedstock
  • Improve production yields by cutting waste, time, and errors
  • Eliminate dependence on mid and post-production testing as a determinant of product quality
  • Proactively comply with FDA PAT recommendations
  • Save time with faster changeovers, mixing times, and cleaning
  • Increase production flexibility and innovation capabilities
  • Uniformity of product on every production line at every facility, global technology transfer
  • Significant savings and increased profitability (ask about our ROI tool)

SensiBlend In-line Liquid Blending is Perfect For

  • Food and beverages (soft drinks, isotonics, energy drinks, concentrates, flavors, flavored alcohol, etc.)
  • Personal care products (hand sanitizers, liquid soap, body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.)
  • Eye care products (contact lens cleansers, contact lens storage solutions, eye drops, etc.)
  • Cleaning solutions (household cleaners, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, commercial cleaners, etc.)
  • And any other products that require accurate and reproducible liquid blending, every time

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